Social Geek Radio: Highlights from FranTech 2016

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Social Geek Radio: Highlights from FranTech 2016
Social Geek Radio: Highlights from FranTech 2016
Social Geek Radio hosts Jack Monson and Deb Evans report live from the International Franchise Association’s annual conference for marketing, communications and information technology franchise professionals.

Every year, the International Franchise Association’s FranTech conference helps industry professionals stay on top of the latest trends in franchise marketing. From making the most of different technology platforms to navigating the ever-changing digital landscape, FranTech is filled with invaluable tips and tricks for members of the franchising community.

Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson both attended and participated in this year’s conference that took place in Austin, Texas from October 26 – 27. During this week’s podcast, Evans gave listeners a preview of what she was discussing during one of FranTech’s many roundtable discussions. She highlighted the benefits that franchisors and franchisees receive from using Facebook Live, and explained how brands can work the tool into their business models to reach more candidates and customers.

“I think with franchisors, and any franchises, the best thing about Facebook Live is it’s one of those platforms where you can be spontaneous. It’s like, woah! We’ve got a customer in here, at our site right now that wants to give a customer testimonial. Grab it on video, open up Facebook Live. New employees, new products, new services, give a tour," Evans said.

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