Social Geek Radio: Key Takeaways from FranTech 2016

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Social Geek Radio: Key Takeaways from FranTech 2016
Social Geek Radio: Key Takeaways from FranTech 2016
FranTech attendees join Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson to share the lessons they learned at this year’s conference.

Every year, the International Franchise Association hosts its FranTech conference to educate industry professionals about the latest trends in franchise marketing. Filled with keynote speakers, roundtable discussions and break-out sessions, the conference is designed to help brands make the most of their digital platforms.

Now that this year’s conference has come to an end, leadership teams are taking what they learned back to their brands in order to make changes and hopefully see results. To highlight some of the key takeaways from FranTech 2016, Social Geek Radio hosts Jack Monson and Deb Evans invited a few attendees to join this week’s podcast.

Jill Koeneman, VP of marketing for Ben’s Pretzels, said one of the most important things she learned during the conference came from social commentator Anders Sorman-Nilsson. His advice was to think about what can be done now from a digital and technology standpoint that will be beneficial down the line.

“Imagine it’s 2020, your brand went belly up, what were the trends you missed? What were the trends you choose to ignore? What investment decisions did you choose to delay? That’s really, those questions right there are really going to drive some change and some action because those are great questions. What are you doing now that maybe isn’t necessary and what can you be doing better to plan for your future as a brand,” said Koeneman.

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