IFA New Member Spotlight: Triad MFG

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IFA New Member Spotlight: Triad MFG
IFA New Member Spotlight: Triad MFG
Bruce Olans, the supplier’s vice president of franchise store build outs, explains why the brand decided to join the IFA.

The benefits of the franchising business model have a greater impact on the economy today than they ever have before. The industry isn’t just for fast food giants and quick service restaurants—from child care to landscaping, there’s no limit to how far franchising’s reach can extend. But that continued success and growth doesn’t happen on its own. The International Franchise Association is constantly working to keep the industry moving forward.

Since its founding in 1960, the IFA has represented and furthered the interests of everyone involved in the franchising community. That includes franchisors, franchisees and the suppliers who support their businesses. However, the IFA isn’t blindly paving the way for the future of the industry on its own. The organization is made up of hundreds of members that fuel the industry’s growth on a day to day basis.

One of the newest members to the IFA’s ever-growing platform is Triad MFG, a supplier that helps both brands and their local owners throughout the entire store build-out process. By providing uniformity across stores, keeping costs down and finishing projects on time, Triad serves as a solution for concepts looking to streamline their construction processes. The brand’s vice president of franchise store build outs, Bruce Olans, spearheaded its IFA application process. After being a member of the IFA with the company he founded, Store in a Box, Olans knew the organization was something Triad needed to be a part of.

“The franchising industry is different from every other type of business. Brands don’t look at one another as competition. Instead, they all work together as friends to better the industry as a whole. If you go to an IFA convention, you’ll see the CEO of Subway talking to another sandwich brand’s local franchisee. I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Olans. “Joining the IFA allows Triad to play a bigger role in that supportive community. The importance of building strong relationships within this industry can’t be overlooked—I’ve learned so much just from running into old and new friends at IFA events and conventions.”

Triad isn’t wasting any time getting involved with the IFA’s numerous networking opportunities. Through engaging with the organization and its other members, the brand hopes to boost its awareness among franchisors and franchisees, and ultimately its bottom line.

“We couldn’t be more excited to officially be a part of the IFA. The organization goes above and beyond to ensure franchising’s continued success, and we want to help in any way that we can,” said Olans. “Be on the lookout for Triad at upcoming IFA conventions and events. It’s great to be home.”

To learn more about becoming a member of the IFA, click here.