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Former IFA CEO to Receive the Organization’s Free Enterprise Award
National Retail Federation President and CEO Matthew Shay worked on behalf of the organization for 17 years.

Matthew Shay is no stranger to the International Franchise Association—the National Retail Federation President and CEO worked for the organization between 1993 and 2010. But it was just announced that Shay will be the recipient of the IFA Dennis Wieczorek Free Enterprise Award.

In a statement released by the IFA, the organization explains that its Board of Directors voted to reinstitute the award. Named after the IFA’s former general counsel, the late Dennis Wieczorek, the award “recognizes and honors a person or organization that has contributed extensively to advancing franchising and the free enterprise system.”

It’s clear that Shay qualifies as one of the award’s recipients—during his time as IFA CEO, he adopted a public policy agenda that ultimately restored credit to retail and other franchise businesses in need. And now, Shay acts as one of the most powerful voices supporting the retail industry in Washington, D.C.

Shay will be presented with the Free Enterprise Award at the IFA’s upcoming annual convention. #IFA2017 will take place between January 29 and February 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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