IFA New Member Spotlight: Closet & Storage Concepts

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IFA New Member Spotlight: Closet & Storage Concepts
IFA New Member Spotlight: Closet & Storage Concepts
Closet & Storage Concepts’ president and CEO Bob Lewis explains why the franchise brand decided to join the IFA.

The franchising industry is facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty. With a new presidential administration set to take over the White House at the start of the new year, and key issues like the joint employer standard, overtime regulations and minimum wage on the line, it’s unclear what the future of franchising holds.

However, that doesn’t mean that uncertainty will lead to stagnation. In fact, the International Franchise Association is actively working on behalf of the industry to ensure that its future is positive and promotes growth. But it isn’t going it alone—the organization is constantly adding new members to its lineup to strengthen its presence and ensure that its voice is heard. One of the IFA’s newest members is Closet & Storage Concepts.

“We decided to pursue IFA membership because its strong voice is a real asset to the franchising community.  The ability to network and interact with other franchisors in a variety of industries alone is worth the price of membership,” said Bob Lewis, president and CEO of Closet & Storage Concepts. “After the election, we’re all finding ourselves in a rapidly changing business environment. That’s why the IFA is more important than ever—our industry needs an advocate in Washington.”

For more than 50 years, the IFA has represented and protected the interests of not just the franchise community, but also the general American entrepreneurial spirit. It does that by bringing franchisors, franchisees and suppliers together to establish best practices and learn from one another.

“Joining the IFA has always been really important to me. Of course, there are tons of benefits from Closet & Storage’s perspective as a franchisor. But I think they extend to a franchisee’s point of view as well—if I was looking to join a franchise system, I would want my brand to be an IFA member. It shows that a brand is serious about running their business in the best possible way,” Lewis said.

IFA membership also enables brands to connect with one another at different events and conventions throughout the year. The organization’s annual convention is one of those unique opportunities. Between January 29 and February 1, industry professionals will gather in Las Vegas for a series of informative sessions, speakers and panels at #IFA2017.

“As a franchisor in the home improvement and furnishing industry, there’s a lot that we can learn from brands operating in other industries. That’s why we’re looking forward to future conventions—exposing our brand to fast food chains, quick service restaurants and even automotive brands will position us for further success,” said Lewis. “Having that level of access to other members of a franchising community is very important, and we plan to participate in these events going forward.”

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