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Franchise Times: Forget Overtime—Undertime is Real Villain Says Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness co-founders spoke at the IFA convention about driving employee engagement.

At this year’s International Franchise Association’s annual convention in Las Vegas, kilt-clad Anytime Fitness co-founders Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon gave a lively keynote address focusing on employee performance and engagement. Overtime, they said, wasn’t the issue—it was employees who are present, but only physically.

According to salary.com, 89 percent of employees reported wasting time at work, 16 percent waste around two hours a day, and 31 percent reported wasting around an hour a day. When Mortenson first learned about these statistics, he immediately began brainstorming ways to tackle that kind of lack in employee engagement at Anytime Fitness. Now, they focus on “people, purpose, profits and play,” which they explained to the keynote audience members.

“Your team, your staff, your customers do not care about how much money you make,” said Mortensen during the address. “But what they do care about is the lives we can impact.”

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